10th Anniversary Gifts (Tin/Aluminium)

Aluminium or tin are traditionally given as 10th anniversary giftsAluminium or Tin are traditionally given as 10th anniversary gifts, and alhough you wouldn’t really class either as precious metals (and a can of Coke probably wouldn’t make the most thoughtful gift), there are plenty of great aluminium/tin related anniversary presents out there.

Foregoing a year’s supply of baked beans – although that’s always an option! – aluminium related gifts include things like an aluminium watch for him, a shiny new iPod nano for her, laptops, monitors, jewellrey and more. If you’d rather progress down the tin road, then why not go for a personalised number plate, a toy car, a model airplane or a holiday to the tin mines of Cornwall?

Read our guide to some fantastic 10th anniversary gift ideas:

Photo credit Amy