1st Anniversary Gifts (Paper)

Paper is traditionally given on a first anniversary

Paper is traditonally given on a first anniversary, but does this mean your wife or husband would be happy with a copy of Heat magazine or a new notepad? Probably not…!

There are lots of great gift ideas out there that fit comfortably within the ‘paper’ theme – from concert tickets, photo albums, personalised calendars, books, and more.

As this will be the first time you’ll be celebrating your wedding anniversary, it’s a great excuse to really go overboard – but this doesn’t necessarily mean expense.

As long as there is thought behind your chosen present,
then it’s bound to be a success.

So, without further ado, here are some great 1st anniversary gift ideas:


Framed Share in his or her favourite companyA Framed Share In His Or Her Favourite Company or Football Team

If the man in your life is an avid footie fan, then how about getting him a genuine share in his favourite team? FramedShare.co.uk offer real, stock-trading shares in teams such as Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic, Rangers, Millwall and more. It’s not just football clubs they offer shares in, though – how about getting your wife a share in Tiffany & Co? Cadbury? Apple?

Each share comes with a gift box and certificate. Visit FramedShare.co.uk to view their entire range.

personalised love poem for herA Personalised Love Poem For Her

Women love poetry. Don’t ask me why – they just do. And if you haven’t written her one in the past, you can bet she’s waiting – more and more impatiently – for the day that you do. That’s where Pressies4Princess’s Personalised Love Poem service comes in – simply fill in a questionnaire all about your loved one, and they’ll create a 100% unique poem, printed on a scroll with a lovely tied ribbon. Very romantic!

Order a personalised love poem here.



A Book By Their Favourite Author

OK, I know what you’re thinking. A book? A book?! But hear me out. A novel by your loved one’s favourite author – perhaps something by Maeve Binchy or the second book from the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo author, Stieg Larrson – can be a really thoughtful present. Obviously, this wouldn’t break the bank either, so it could be given as a small part of a grander scheme.

If your partner is a bit of a tech-fan, and into his or her new gadgets, then the new Kindle Wireless Book Reader could be a great idea – although not strictly ‘paper’, it is a ‘new world’ version of books, and so would still fit the theme! Kindle versions of books (which can be bought and downloaded straight on to the Kindle in an instant) are now outselling regular paper books on Amazon. The Kindle reader is available from around £100.

Paper photo credit mark78_xp