3rd Anniversary Gifts (Leather)

Leather is the traditional 3rd anniversary gift Leather is the traditional 3rd anniversary gift, so if you’re a bit of a secret cow-lover, then you may want to look at some more ‘general’ alternatives instead!

On the other hand, if you fancy embracing all things leather, then an exciting time awaits you – from leather jackets for him, leather bras for her, and even leather handcuffs for either/or, there are a wealth of fantastic present ideas out there – some not even involving clothing!

Read on for some great 3rd anniversary gift ideas:



A Leather Bag For Her Or Him

Women love bags, it’s a fact. Every single woman in the world loves bags. That’s probably not a fact, but I reckon at least 99.999999% do! An increasing number of men like leather bags to. So how about a fancy new one for your loved one?

Proudfoot Leather have a massive collection of leather bags, from traditional handbags, to leather laptop cases, travel bags and shoulder bags.

You can check out all their leather bags here.

Leather Gloves For Her

There’s nothing quite like the feel of leather gloves; luxurious, smooth, waterproof and long-lasting, they are a great little gift.

With prices from only £17 a pair, and with a wide range of sizes and colours, you could do much worse than checking out Proudfoot Leather’s range of leather gloves here.



A Leather iPad Case For Him Or Her

If you’ve invested in a shiny new Apple iPad, then what better way to protect your gadget than with a leather case? We’ve got one for our iPad, and it hasn’t come out of its case since. You can get them to suit all budgets, with different qualities of leather, cases that acts as stands so you don’t always have to hold up the iPad and more.

Check out Amazon’s wide range of leather iPad cases here.

Photo credits: top-left leather jacket by scotsman001, leather handbag by MASolari, leather gloves by Huzzah Vintage