40th Anniversary Gifts (Ruby)

Ruby is traditionally given as 40th anniversary giftsRuby is traditionally given as 40th anniversary gifts, but you don’t need to break the bank – if you don’t want to! – on a huge ruby if that’s not your thing – there are many other ruby-related present ideas out there.

If you would like to go down the jewellrey route – and, let’s face it, giving a ruby definitely has the wow! factor – then there are lots of options, from ruby necklances, rings, and earrings for her, to ruby encrusted pens and cufflinks for him.

Steering a little away from tradition, how about giving your wife her very own pair of ruby slippers, ala Wizard of Oz? Or perhaps a dozen ruby-red roses? Your husband would probably love a selection of vintage (ruby) red wines too…there are so many possibilities!

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Photo credit Ali A