4th Anniversary Gifts (Flower/Fruit)

Flowers or Fruit are traditionally given as 4th anniversary giftsFlowers or Fruit are traditionally given as 4th anniversary gifts, and although you may have given your wife a bouquet or two back when you were first dating, it’s a great opportunity to spoil her rotten again.

Flowers needn’t only be for the female side of your partnership, either, as some men can appreciate them too. And, if even he isn’t the flower-sniffing type, then there are plenty of other gift ideas around the flower/fruit theme that could be perfect.

Read on for some great 4th anniversary gift ideas:

A Devon Cottage Holiday

Holiday Cottages In DevonDevon is a beautiful part of the world, and though yoyu may not instantly think of a south west vacation as being a traditional ‘flower/fruit’ gift, hear me out, because Devon is full of flowers!

As well as hosting the Devon County Show (which has a fab flower show as part of the event), you can stay in some gorgeous cottages in devon that have their very own flowerbeds. Perfect!

So I heartily recommend you visit Devonshire Cottage Holidays – simply click the image to the right and be whisked off to choose the perfect Devon holiday cottage for you!



Photo credit Swami Stream