60th Anniversary Gifts (Diamond)

Diamond is traditionally given as 60th anniversary giftsDiamond is traditionally given as 60th anniversary gifts, and, if you’ve made it this far, which is a huge achievement in itself, then you do truly deserve to treat your husband or wife to something this special.

If you want to go down the very traditional route, then you can’t go wrong with a diamond ring for your wife, or a diamond-encrusted pen or cufflinks for your husband. Other options include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and more…

For those wanting to give something a little bit different, then there are plenty of other options too. How about a CD of the classic song, Diamonds Are Forever, or Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend? A diamond sharpening stone for him? A Diamond HTC Mobile phone…?

Read on for our guide to 60th anniversary gift ideas:

Photo credit Tambako The Jaguar