6th Anniversary Gifts (Iron)

Iron is traditionally given as 6th anniversary giftsIron is traditionally given as a 6th anniversary gift, though buying your girlfriend or wife a new iron from Argos probably wouldn’t go down too well…!

No, there are lots of iron-related alternatives that you can get him or her, such as ornate iron sculptures, a set of new golf clubs, heavy metal CDs (if he’s an Iron Maiden fan!), an iron skillet if she loves to dabble in the kitchen, and more…

Read on for our great guide to 6th anniversary gift ideas:



Iron Garden Equipment For Him Or Her

Does your man love to potter in the garden? Is your lovely lady a green-fingered goddess? If so, they may really love a fancy new iron garden chair, or perhaps a lovely iron bench for you both to share.

Dobbies offer a wide range of iron garden equipment: wall planters, doormats, outside chimneys, chairs, tables, benches and more.

You can see all of Dobbies’ ironware here, and be sure to use the voucher code GARDEN10 for an exclusive 10% discount!

A Set Of Golf Clubs For Him Or Her

Just in case you really don’t know, an ‘iron’ is a type of club used in Golf. So, if your partner’s idea of fun is an afternoon whacking tiny balls into a far-away hole, how about splashing out on a set of new golfing irons (clubs)?

Even if your wife doesn’t know her green from her fairway, perhaps if she had her own set of clubs it’d be the perfect excuse to get her to learn to use them!

Tomorrow’s Golfer have golf clubs to suit all budgets. Click here to browse their site.

Top left photo credit by roeyahram, iron garden chairs by D. O’Brien, gold clubs by NicolasJon