7th Anniversary Gifts (Copper/Wool)

Copper or wool are traditionally given as 7th anniversary giftsCopper or Wool are traditionally given as 7th anniversary gifts, and though it doesn’t seem to be the most ‘glamouress’ of metals, you’ll be surprised at the number of fantastic copper-related presents available for him and her. Likewise, a few balls of wool may not sound like the most creative of gifts, but wool as a theme means there are plenty of creative and unusual ideas out there.

Yes, a copper kettle could actually be a really nice gift for your wife, but there are so many other options to choose from as well – from beautiful ornate earrings and copper bracelets, to ornate sculptures, garden ornaments and more.

If you’d rather go down the wool avenue, then how about a 100% cashmere jumper for luxury? A personalised wooly hat? A new suit for him? A trip to a petting-zoo perhaps?

Read on for our guide to fantastic 7th anniversary gift ideas:



Photo credit Robbie Howell